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Welcome to Adventure Divers Lombok!

Explore the Depths of South Lombok and Beyond
Discover a world beneath the waves with Adventure Divers Lombok, your gateway to the vibrant underwater paradise of Pink Beach and South Lombok. Our diving company is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable diving experience that will leave you breathless in awe.

Dive into the Pink Beach Wonderland: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing coral gardens and thriving marine life that characterize the breathtaking Pink Beach. With Adventure Divers Lombok, you'll explore a spectrum of hues beneath the crystal-clear waters, from vivid pinks to vibrant blues.

Unveil the Secrets of South Lombok: Embark on an exploration of the southern coast's hidden gems, boasting diverse marine ecosystems and a diverse array of marine creatures. Our experienced dive instructors will guide you through the wonders of this lesser-known diving haven.

Why Choose Adventure Divers Lombok?

Expert Guidance: Our team of certified dive professionals will lead you through every plunge, ensuring your safety while maximizing your underwater adventure.

Exceptional Equipment: Dive with confidence using our top-tier equipment, meticulously maintained and prepared to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable diving experience.

Personalized Adventures: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, we tailor our dives to suit your comfort level, making every journey with us a unique and memorable one.

Preserving the Ocean: Adventure Divers Lombok is committed to sustainable diving practices, respecting and protecting the marine life and ecosystems that we're privileged to explore.

Your diving journey with Adventure Divers Lombok begins here. Come home to a world of underwater wonders, where every dive is a masterpiece waiting to be explored. Book your adventure today and let the oceans welcome you.

What Our Client Say
  • Nuria Santamaria   
    I just did the Open Water with them and it was great! They are super professional, they are always making sure you understand everything and that you perform each exercise properly.
  • Anna Planas   
    Super good team set up by Guillem and companies in the center of Kuta Lombok! Probably the best dive EVER for everything we saw at Pink Beach. The coral terraces are spectacular! Very complete day trip because you only care about one thing: enjoy yourself.
  • Willy Bonneton   
    Great diving center in Kuta Lombok! We spent the day doing fun dives with Udin in the area of Pink Beach, it was so good. He was calm and relaxing, we had plenty of time under water to explore and look at what we wanted to. We would recommend you to dive with them if you’re not sure if Lombok is worth it or not. It is!
  • Yesica Deluca   
    3 months ago Had my first experience scuba diving at Adventure Divers Lombok while taking Open Waters Begginers Course and was amazing !! We drove to Pink Beach harbour and saw many colourful coral, fish and massive turtle
  • Medsy   
    Special thanks to my guide, Udin who explored every part of the coral and left no stone unturned, so I could see box fish, puffer fish, eels and sting rays. Muchas gracias!
  • Max Sydney   
    Had loads of fun going diving with them! The boat is nice and fully equipped & their equipment is new! Would recommend!
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